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2017: We’re celebrating 14 years in Portland, OR as a hub for international feature films, docs, t.v. series, animation, advertising, and interactive media. Seasoned composer/sound designer Jason Wells offers a most creative and professional recording, original music & audio post-production environment to complete any soundscape large or small.  Now conveniently right-off the Orange Line! Visit IMDB for filmography…

...the Latest from the Blog:

January 19th, 2017New WEBSITE coming soon…

Hi everyone!  So much has happened over the last two years and, by the looks of the website, you’d think we haven’t worked since 2014.  But we have.  Plenty.  So many features, docs, tv series, ads, short films, interactive projects, and music albums have been completed here recently that there hasn’t been much focus on the website (recent work includes Jim Henson Co’s PBS series “Splash and Bubbles,” features like Portland’s festival favorite “Vicious,” the award winning “Shanghai Faders,” multiple ads for “Colombia Sportswear” and “Nike,” and the Libertine Belles latest album “Feed the Kitty.”) Being a one man show, it’s hard to keep up!!! But rest assured, a major overhaul in the works for the New Year.  Otherwise, read the blog!!!  Please contact Jason (Me) at 503-970-9126 and let’s chat in the meantime…

March 4th, 2016So behind…. So much amazing work….

Since completing the score for Edward Tyndall’s
“Mission” (“Reconvergance”), I’ve now completed the music score for Oscar-Nominated director Gary Mitchell’s stunning animated film “The Professor,” finished the sound design/audio post for the heartbreaking documentary “Who Am I to Stop It” about brain-injured artists in Portland, wrapped an amazing 7 part TV series on sustainable fishing around the world titled “Hoss Off The Grid,” completed over 10 ads for Colombia Sportswear and Nike, and am about to embark on two new feature feature films plus completing the mixing/mastering of the amazing debut album from “Stellamorphic.”  And yet, I feel I haven’t worked at all…   Updated website coming, I SWEAR!!!!!!  Thanks for visiting!!!!  Gimme a call…

October 22nd, 2015Why Work at AUDIOWELLS? Simple. Pinball.

These two babies (Mars: God of War & Volcano) are from the late 70′s Gottlieb era and in perfect working condition… Not to mention, so is my old Atari 2600 with over 70 cartridges!  The client lounge is officially a vintage game room!  In other news, our horror masterpiece of squishy sound-design “Deep Dark” is premiering in theaters around the world this month and wining awards.  Plus, I’m about to score an animated film from Oscar-nominated director Gary Mitchell called “The Professor.”  But whatever… Come over and let’s play!!!!

May 28th, 2015Second Story… 14 years of History peaks with scoring their Image Video

Wow!  14 years working for these amazing people composing music and completing sound-design for a seemingly endless vault of interactive projects and permanent installations – from The Walt Disney Family Museum, to The William Randolph Hurst museum, to The Grammy Awards Museum, to The Holocaust Museum, to The Aviation Museum, to The Smithsonian, to The World of Coca-Cola Museum, to The Library of Congress, to THEIR OWN WEBSITE!!!  Watch the “Who We Are” video on the home page.  Music by yours truly. Here’s to one amazing creative team!  Thanks for keeping me around…


November 17th, 2014What an Endless Summer/Fall…

Wow.  What a run these past few months!  First, the completion of original music for Boman Modine’s life-affirming short film “Hyperion,” followed by completing the original music, post, and mixing for the feature documentary “Expedition Denali” from Andy Adkins, then the joy of  all sound design, post, and mixing for Michael Medaglia’s masterful horror flick “Deep Dark.”  Not to mention, JAWZ: THE MUSICAL – IN 3D! was a huge hit in San Francisco and Hollywood.  WHEW!  And much on the horizon…  I must give a quick contemporary-film sound applause for “All is Lost” with Robert Redford.  Truly first-class work.  Loved the music.   I think I’ll take a nap now….

May 13th, 2014Where do I begin?

Wow.  You wake up one day and realize you haven’t posted in a while.   And why? Because so much keeps happening!  All music, sound design, and audio post for David Banyon’s brilliant “The Lilac Chaser” was completed last winter, followed by  James Westby’s “Courage in a Time of Fear,” Alisha Rose’s “The Gift of Gravity,” Boman Modine’s “Hyperion,” and now we’re completing the score, mix, and sound design for “Expedition Denali” – a feature documentary about the first African-American mountain climbing team.  Plus, there’s two features waiting in the wing as soon as I clear the air. Did I also mention I wrote, produced, and directed the 2-act musical comedy “J.A.W.Z. THE MUSICAL – IN 3D!” and the cast and crew is now touring it this summer up and down the west coast? Yep.  I’ll sleep when I’m old.  All for now –   JJAWZ-2014_v7

August 14th, 2013MarchFourth’s “Gospel” Licensed for Disney/Pixar’s “Monsters University” – Recorded HERE at AUDIOWELLS!!!

Jason Wells has been a composer, co-arranger, trumpet player, and licensing manger in MarchFourth Marching Band for almost a decade. What a magical day to receive a call from Disney/Pixar with a request to use the song “Gospel,” recorded right here at AUDIOWELLS for the album “Rise Up” produced by Jason in 2009, in the new animated feature “Monsters University.” It got used THREE times in the film, including the ending scene and leading into the closing credits!!  To think it went from this intimate space to theaters around the world!!  Not too shabby, MarchFourth.  Love you guys always!

August 13th, 2013So Much Happening in 2013

What a year it’s been for the entire crew at AUDIOWELLS.  In the same week that the mixing, sound design, foley, ADR, and everything-under-the-audio-sun was completed for Phiamma Elias’s remarkable “Homeskillit,” Jason Wells is traveling to Hollywood for two very special premiers. After ‘hitting it out of the park’ as Jackie Robinson in the recent “42,” Chadwick Boseman has directed his second film “Heaven” which is kicking-off the ‘HollyShorts’ film festival on Thurs, Aug 15.  Jason completed the original score during the winter and is thrilled to be attending the premier.  Then, the profoundly moving documentary “Keiko: The Untold Story” about the real-life orca who played “FreeWilly”  premiers at the Egyptian Theater on Sat, Aug 17 @ 11am with the original cast of “FreeWilly” and director Richard Donner in attendance.  All 5.1 sound design and mixing completed by Jason Wells @ AUDIOWELLS.

April 12th, 2013“The Kill Hole” Soundtrack Released, Film on DVD/Blu-Ray! “Keiko” finished!!! New Feature just beginning!!!!!

Much to celebrate here!  ”The Kill Hole” hit the world on DVD/Blu-Ray and iTunes on April 9, the same day we completed the 5.1 theatrical mix and sound design for “Keiko: The Untold Story.” And to boot, Chad Bosemen (star of “The Kill Hole” and director of “Heaven” scored here at AW) celebrates his April 12 release of the critically acclaimed “42: The Jackie Robinson Story!”  And not only that, the entire “The Kill Hole” score by Jason Wells was released on CD and iTunes as well.  AUDIOWELLS is having one hell of a year already!  Now, enter Phiamma Elias’s “HOMESKILLIT” which should keep us busy for the next 3 months…

March 7th, 2013“The Kill Hole” set to open Mar 15 in NY, LA, and Portland!

See trailer here!  Original Music by yours truly.