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Audio Post Production Services in Portland, Oregon

Offering a complete range of audio-post services, AUDIOWELLS is nationally renowned as one of the most trusted audio post production studios for Film, TV, Commercials, and Interactive Media. Providing a full compliment of post production services – including sound design, 5.1 theatrical mixing, voice over recording & editing, and editing & mastering.

Sound Design, Music Production

AUDIOWELLS also provides the expertise and resources perfectly suited for voice over, foley services, arranging, music recording, and more.

Original Music Composition & Original Score

Professional composer & multi-instrumentalist Jason Wells has a long list of credits in Film, TV, Ads, and Interactive Environments and composes and performs with groups such as MarchFourth, Trashcan Joe, The Nowhere Band, and The Saloon Ensemble. He also recently wrote and directed the hit-comedy “JAWZ: THE MUSICAL in 3D!” which toured the west coast to packed houses and rave reviews. Composer Jason Wells provides the textures, nuance, and emotional queues that the world’s most ambitious creators rely on to set their projects apart and truly move an audience. Adept at capturing the momentum and narrative intent with a soundscape, Wells is the kind of artist and auteur you’ll actually enjoy working with.

Audio Engineer & Composer

With decades of hard-earned skills, and an auter’s love of film and music, Jason Wells provides award-winning original score, sound design, and mixing/mastering for movies, short film, documentaries, TV, and commercials. Wells is sought after by national agencies and global film-producers for his broad range of talents and efficient approach.


"AUDIOWELLS is always my first call in Portland for post-production audio and score composition. Not only is Jason a proficient technician and musician, he is also an excellent collaborator."
AJ Gordon, Producer & Filmmaker
Loaded Image Entertainment

Studios, agencies, and brands look to AUDIOWELLS for audio post-production, sound design, and original music –

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