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Original Music Composition, Original Score for Film, TV – Jason Wells

With scores of credits to his name, Composer and Sound Engineer Jason Wells has helped craft the mood and impact for films, documentaries, movies, television shows, and more. From the AUDIOWELLS state-of-the-art audio Post Production facility & recording studio in Portland, Oregon, Wells has provided music supervision, composition, and arraging services for wide range of projects, from feature-length disney productions to albums for singer/songwriters.

In addition to composing original music, AUDIOWELLS provides a full range of audio post production services for film, movies, and television, commercials and interactive media.

Original Music & Score to fit any need:

  • dramatic, mature, orchestral
  • exotic, layered
  • quirky, comedic, cartoony, child-like
  • live, jazzy
  • minimal, edgy, abstract
  • electronic, raw, industrial
  • organic, atmospheric, cosmic
  • simple, human, emotional
  • complex
  • unexpected
  • perfect!
AUDIOWELLS crafts original music and original score to fit each project; recording studio rates and costs are some of the most competitive in the industry. We offer flat rates for certain long format projects and – as a small, agile studio – are able to offer bespoke pricing to help any artist achieve their vision.

Coveted by powerhouse agencies & studios –

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"I have worked with Jason for more than ten years. Yes, he is a talented musician. Yes, he is crazy fast at sound editing. Yes, he has a masterful ear for creating soundscapes that enhance film. But here is why I hire Jason -- He has a joyful, earnest way of immersing himself into a project that always, always makes our films and our music better. I have hired Jason to record music, arrange music, play music, and mix sound for film/television from small projects to television series, and I trust him to make our stories more impactful."
Laura Sams
Sisbro Studios
"Audiowells is always my first call in Portland for post-production audio and score composition. Not only is Jason a proficient technician and musician, he is also an excellent collaborator. His full-service studio makes for an easy transition from picture lock to sound design and I have never been anywhere close to disappointed with the final outcome. I cannot speak highly enough of Audiowells."
AJ Gordon, Producer & Filmmaker
Loaded Image Entertainment


Stainboy (2000)

Animated series created, written, directed by Tim Burton; Original Music by Jason Wells.

The Half-Life of Genius (2018)

Sound Design and Mix; Feature length Documentary

Splash and Bubbles (2017)

Jim Henson Studios – animated TV series; Sound Design, Mix

An American Ascent (2016)

Award-winning independent documentary; Original Score by Jason Wells.

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