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The Kill Hole (2012)

Feature film starring Chadwick Boseman

Stainboy (2000)

Animated series created, written, directed by Tim Burton; Original Music by Jason Wells.

The Half-Life of Genius (2018)

Sound Design and Mix; Feature length Documentary

Red, White and Black (2018)

Feature-length Documentary. Sound Design and Mix.

Splash and Bubbles (2017)

Jim Henson Studios – animated TV series; Sound Design, Mix

An American Ascent (2016)

Award-winning independent documentary; Original Score by Jason Wells.

Rid of Me (2011)

Independent Film by James Westby; Original Music, Sound Design, Mix

Monsters University (2014)

Blockbuster Disney/Pixar film; Music Recording, Co-Arranging, Mix of Main Theme

Priced Out (2017)

Feature-length Documentary. Sound Design and Mix.

Viscious (2016)

Award-Winning feature length film: Sound Design and Mix, Jason Wells

Shanghai Faders (2016)

Award-winning short film; Sound Design, Mix by Jason Wells.

The Auteur

Hilarious hit-comedy from James Westby! Original Score by Jason Wells.

Heaven (2013)

Short film Directed by Chadwick Boseman; Original Music by Jason Wells.

Reconvergence (2013)

Documentary film; Original Music, Sound Design, Audio Post Production

March Fourth Marching Band

As one of the original, founding members of the iconic Portland, Oregon ensemble, Jason Wells left an indelible mark on M4’s signature tunes and standout performances. Hear Samples »

The Saloon Ensemble

Portland band with a swingy, jazzy, stompin’, campy, lounge-y mashup of originals and covers. Jason Wells: Banjo, Cornet, Kazoo, Vocals.

Trashcan Joe

Vintage swing, jazz, folk, and blues with all original music and homemade instruments. Jason Wells: cornet, banjo, harmonica, and vocals.

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