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Jason Wells: Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Original Music Composition

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as sound engineer, mixer, designer, and composer in audio-post production, Jason Wells has established AUDIOWELLS as one of the most trusted audio post studios for Film, TV, Radio, and more. Wells is sought after by national agencies and global film-producers for his broad range of talents and efficient approach. He applies a skillset honed over tens-of-thousands of studio hours to provide the textures, nuance, and emotional queues that the world’s most ambitious creators rely on to set their projects apart and truly move an audience.

Technical Excellence

Wells provides a mastery of all aspects of audio post-production, especially dialogue repair, noise removal, VO recording/editing, ADR recording/editing, Foley, SFX editing, theatrical 5.1 mixing, mastering, music recording, and composition. At the forefront of technology, he’s fast, fluid, and thorough with ProTools 12.7 and a host of other industry-leading applications and hardware.

An Artist & Auteur you’ll actually enjoy working with

Wells brings a genuine – and uncommon – sensitivity to each project, offering a very relaxed and intimate working environment that emphasizes talent, fun, and a truly collaborative approach. As a composer and performer – who is no stranger to some rough multistate touring – he knows how to keep the hard work feeling light, always extending the extra effort to remain calm, cheerful and open to an evolving vision.

A former film critic, he’s a film buff who truly loves the history of sound in cinema; who loves to laugh, discuss film, play music, and eat at the local neighborhood pubs. But simmering within is a workaholic: if you talk on your phone too much when it’s time to work, you might be banished to the pinball room.

Audio Post-Production, Sound Design,
Audio Engineering, Session Recording


Original Music Composition, Original Score
for Film, Documentaries, Movies, and TV


“It’s OK… I’m with the Band.”

Wells is a multi-instrumentalist and performing cornetist, guitarist, and singer in popular Portland groups such as MarchFourth, Trashcan Joe, The Libertine Belles, The Nowhere Band, and The Saloon Ensemble. In every performance – from a local pub to a colossal stadium, from a family-farm wedding to an epic multiday festival – Wells’ passion for music shines through in every performance. HEAR MUSIC SAMPLES »


"I have worked with Jason for more than ten years. Yes, he is a talented musician. Yes, he is crazy fast at sound editing. Yes, he has a masterful ear for creating soundscapes that enhance film. But here is why I hire Jason -- He has a joyful, earnest way of immersing himself into a project that always, always makes our films and our music better. I have hired Jason to record music, arrange music, play music, and mix sound for film/television from small projects to television series, and I trust him to make our stories more impactful."
Laura Sams
Sisbro Studios
"Audiowells is always my first call in Portland for post-production audio and score composition. Not only is Jason a proficient technician and musician, he is also an excellent collaborator. His full-service studio makes for an easy transition from picture lock to sound design and I have never been anywhere close to disappointed with the final outcome. I cannot speak highly enough of Audiowells."
AJ Gordon, Producer & Filmmaker
Loaded Image Entertainment


Stainboy (2000)

Animated series created, written, directed by Tim Burton; Original Music by Jason Wells.

The Half-Life of Genius (2018)

Sound Design and Mix; Feature length Documentary

Splash and Bubbles (2017)

Jim Henson Studios – animated TV series; Sound Design, Mix

An American Ascent (2016)

Award-winning independent documentary; Original Score by Jason Wells.

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